Growing up in Washington surrounded by mountains, islands and bodies of water, being in nature is where the imagination is left to create.

As a craftsman, I began teaching myself leatherwork 15 years ago. Step by step exploring and learning the process of what worked best for the designs I was creating. I fell in love with the idea of turning a utilitarian handbag into a wearable piece of art that served both functionality and added beauty into ones life and wardrobe. 

I left Washington and lived in LA for a few years expanding my craft and cultivating a beautiful network of artisans around me. Creating and building a durable bag of the highest quality materials is of the upmost importance to me. Growing my business in a very grassroots style, I am now back in my home town of Everett making bags in small batches at my home studio. My husband and I had a daughter last year and from bag making to baby raising, there is never a dull moment! 

By building each bag from beginning to end with my two hands, I make sure you receive the highest quality product that will hold its own against the loving abuse it will receive in your daily life!